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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When was the Northern Trackers Railroad Club started?

A. The club was started in 2006. An introductory meeting was held on March 18, 2006 of all people interested in forming a Brainerd Lakes Area Model Railroad Club. Of the 8 people that attended that meeting, several are still active members today. Through the years NMRHA has received many gernous donations of O, S, N and HO gauge locomotives, rolling stock and buildings. Also, many7 books, videos and CD's, have been added to the already extensive library. There are also many years of back issues of Model Railroad magazines."

In November of 2006, the club found a vacant 3500 square foot building that was perfect for the railroad club. The building is located just south of Crosslake on the Paul Bunyan byway with great road visibility.


Locomotive steams through Walker MN while passenger cars wait on siding.

Q. What are the common model railroad scales and what do they represent?
  • Z scale is the smallest and is 1/220 .      (It takes 220 Z scale cars laid end to end to equal 1 full size car).
  • N scale is 1/160 ratio of full size car to model.
  • HO scale is 1/87 ratio of full size car to model     (87 HO scale cars laid end to end to equal length of one full size car.)
  • 027 scale is 1/64 ratio of full size car to model
  • O scale is 1/48 ratio of full size car to model
  • G scale is 1/24 ratio of full size car to model
Q. How is the NMRHA funded?

NMRHA is a 501 C3 non-profit organization and we do not charge admission fees. Instead we hope that visitors will help feed our donation boxes and maybe even join the club. Many people join just to get a tax deductible donation from the IRS.  We also solicit businesses and local organizations for funding. We are also working on applying for several grants. We try to hold several fund raisers throughout the year. We appreciate your tax deductible donation, as the funds allow us to continue to build and improve our many model train layouts.

Q. Are donations of locomotives, rolling stock or buildings tax deductible?
Yes. NMRHA is a 501-C3 organization. We issue a Gift of Deed from to the person or persons who make such donations, which is then utilized when making out an income tax deduction.

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