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The O gauge committee has been very active in updating and changing the scenes of the layout.

A new depot, circus tent attraction, a Ferris wheel and a rotating chair swing are in the construction picture for the
upcoming season.  There are several “before” and “after”
shots to show the changes through the years

Before approximately 2007……

Currently, more interactive attractions are being installed.
There is an aisle between the window and the layout where power buttons are located for the visitors to push to activate a scene.
Before approximately 2007……
Many hours of placing ballast and scenery have been
Additional cars an attachments are stored in the building.
A member has designated a tree making device in the back room storage area. He has made over 1200 trees of all sizes for the
HO, OP and G scale layouts throughout the building.
He also makes trees that are sold at train shows.

ogauge train
The O gauge committee has move ahead and replaced the Lionel
Cub One system. Lionel's 1995 system has been surpassed with their Legacy Cub Two system. The new system that was selected is the Digital Control System with the Proto 2 controller from the M.T.H. It allows more control and is very user friendly. The system can now run all Lionel TMCC engines and engines from M.T.H.
Under the old system, there were three separate regions powered by three transformers. Now there is just one region powered by two transformers. A third transformer powers the many attachments.
There was a bit of a learning curve awith notebooks and pages of instructions - Gary Phillips, Tom Fitzpatrick, Ted Anderson, with Don Bennett leading the way trying to get everyone on the same page.

Don B., Dennis Olson, and Gary P. had some heavy discussions
about which wire was hooked up to what and where they
went. With all tha tbrain power going to work, what could go wrong?

Finally after many hours of work, the switch ws flipped
and the system was under way.
The next step was to enter in the many locomotives on the layout
and get the system operational. The hand controllers can call up each engine, which can then be internally accessed to modify any of the
decoder functions. A member can now bring one of their own locomotives to the layout and easily get things rolling.

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