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N.M.R.H.A. founder, Darlene Blazina is
shown here with Carl Hultgren looking
over the basic HO table setup.

The Brainerd yard area is depicted here.  Eventually the sawmill owned by the Brainerd Lumber Company will take its place in the lower left corner.  At the far end is the scene depicting the Northern Pacific creosote plant.

In the background, Clem Maust and
Dennis Graff are setting up backgrounds. 
The person to the left is unidentified.
Work is on-going along the
Deerwood side of the Layout.

The open pit iron mine was a challenge to build. Part of the
bottom of the mine is a trap door for easier accessibility.
One day a woman was overheard to say while looking at the
mine pit, “Oh look, they even have a sanitary landfill!” That statement is just another reason why we need to model the past.
On the upper level you can make out the engine
house, water tower and sintering plant
that have been recently added.
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About 90 miles north of Brainerd, just south of Bemidji, MN,
there once was a vital logging center in the small town of Nary.
A devastating fire leveled the saw mill and equipment, and the
town faded into the sunset.  All that are left is the cemetery,
a store and a few homes.
The logging center will serve as a shipping point to a future
saw mill that a member is constructing. It is a BTS kit,
with all of the interior details.

Clem is enjoying the work, while Dennis is still “thinking”.
The logging town of Navy is in the middle.  To the right
one can see the Digitrax control center.

There were many decisions to be made before any track was
laid.  Long time members Clem Maust, Past President Bill Bury, and Dennis Graff are “thinking” while an unidentified man is painting a section of the back drop.
There are two reversing loops on this side of the HO layout.
One to the right goes around and under the mine pit.  This loop goes under the main line leading to the mine pit and sintering plant that processes the ore and ties back into the main line.
The trestles are hand built, as is all the rock work and scenery.
All the trees were made by long time member Joe Duerr on his
own tree making stand in the work room. In the far background one can see the “work in progress” by the G scale committee headed up by Jerry Creighton and Ted Martin.
Past President Butch Sommers was instrumental in many of
the fine scenery details and building placement for the towns represented in the HO layout.
To this day, Butch is putting the finishing touches on the
siding where a small logging saw mill is located that was built by Ron D’Orazio. The saw mill is fully detailed. Note the many rivers, lakes and ponds that were “hand poured” by members.
Modeler Ron D'Orazio shows off his nearly completed
lumber mill that will be placed on a spur by a pond on the
HO layout. Ron lives near Bemidji, MN., and has an
extensive O gauge layout, along with a smaller HO layout.

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