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Every group has a problem with FUND raising! the basic problem is with the membership who say, 'Aw, I just can't go up to people and ask for money." Thus the group needs a viable vehicle that is easy to sell. Our answer has been the building of an O Gauge layout that is portable and can sell itself! Something that a parent or grandparent can see as a means to becoming involved with the kids, and maybe re-live a bit of their childhood! Plus take a chance on something with meaning, that's better than
computer games.

We start with a 4 x 8 sheet of hardboard on a frame, surrounded with a 1 x 6" sidewall. The collaspable legs and material are readily
available at any home outlet store.


Glued and screwed and strong enough to take a beating.
A sheet of Homosote board is dropped in and
fastened over the plywood base. This provides sound deadening and a good base for scenery applications.



We have received a lot of donated equipment which is then used to
design a layout. We have avoided using HO or N scale equipment. The reason being, little fingers can more readily handle the cars.

Members of our O Gauge committee are basically in
charge of the layout and scenery and the
ensuing camaraderie cannot be beat!

Every layout has a tunnel and a lake for
more realism!
Our finished layouts have four large casters
to make sliding into a van or pickup
an easy process.

There are strict laws that a non-profit group must follow when selling raffle tickets to the public. State permits, local permits, ticket printing, and retention of the stubs for a period of time must be adhered to. We print up 600-650 tickets that are sold for $5.00 each. The drawing is held at the December meeting. The winner must pick up the layout.

We take the layout to train shows and ticket sales are easy!

visitingtrain Dennis Olson, Judy Huff (Assistant), Joe Hampl, Jeremy Nielsen, and instructor, Lisa Steffen, are pictured with a school class from the Crosslake Comunity School touring the layouts.  
We caught up with President Dennis Olson giving
"Thing 2" a thing or two on the operation of the 027 layout.
The young lad, Simon Tepley, was a visitor from
Champlin, MN.


Jason Davis, On the Road, visited the Northern Trackers.
Click here to view the video.

Click to enlarge.


Joe Hampl and Joe Duerr are showing the kids some of the functions of a train Railroad Travel, Hobby & Industry

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